Adding my own metadata field to archive CDs


my CDs are labelled with numbers from 1 to n. Currently I misuse the Disc Number and disc metadata field to track this numbers. I think it is better to use a custom field.

Is there a metadata field for this purpose? Or shall I just use what ever comes to my mind “cd_id” eg.?

If you want to maintain your own metadatafield with a specific software, you should check it this software is able to read and write it. Not every tagging software can handle every tag or private frame.

Just out of curiosity, what is your benefit of such a number?

I want to know, on which cd a track is. So I labelled all my cds with paper labels from 1 to n. If foo.flac is on disc no. 123 I want to track this in the metadata of the file.

And how do you find the information that foo.flac is on disc no 123?:thinking:

I store the number in “disc” und “Disc Number” metadata field as said above.

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That doesn’t sound like anything that’s already built in – most people would probably use a combination of the album, album artist and disc within the album – but there’s definitely nothing keeping you from adding a new field to your files. I do it myself, for a different purpose. If you don’t already know how, you can type whatever you want into the Add New Tag dialog; it doesn’t have to match anything in the dropdown list, but it won’t save between sessions, so make sure it’s not too difficult to type.

What @InvisibleMan78’s getting at, though, is that Picard saves custom fields like that in such a way that not every program shows them. If whatever you use besides Picard lets you type in arbitrary field names as well, then you won’t have any problem, but if you’re using Windows’ new Groove player or something else with a static interface, then you won’t see that data.