Adding matrix and SID information to Releases

Several editors have previously mentioned they would like to include pressing info. Could MB simply lol add “Medium ID Codes” or words to that effect at the bottom of the Additional Information box on the enter release page? Aside from adding a meaning for this in the documentation, it would need no further explanation at this time. Those of us who would use it can figure out the matrix-variation and IFPI codes that we see there. While Discogs is helpful, it is not 100%. Editors could readily glance at the info without having to go through copious edit notes. It would not need to be data base searchable. Each additional entry could just be stacked underneath the last.

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I made a thread about this a while back:

Adding a data field for SID codes or other manufacturer identifiers might be a good idea, but it would require a schema change (which could take years to implement).

This was already suggested and approved:

In the meantime, feel free to copy my template for adding this data to release annotations:

It would… but that schema change has already happened. The database supports this, just the UI hasn’t been finished:


Thanks for the heads up! I will try your template. Also the term “Dynamic Attributes” sounds so much more refined and complex than “stuff on the hub”. giggle. Well done!

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