Adding covers uploaded to youtube as a standalone recordings or singles

Hmm dunno… Kronii exists and all, but that’s just me.

That seems to be more efficient, I’ll take note. But of all my edits the video ones are usually the ones that get approved the fastest.

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I spent some time trying to add music videos and thinking about this, my proposal:

A music video is a video, with a relationship with a (music) recording. We need a VideoBrainz (or MovieBrainz) in order to fully and accurate enter the data.
similarly: see audiobooks, discussion, example


Music videos are commonly listed under “movie” or “video” in homepages:
dadaray, deco*27, The Binary

A music video is not a music release.
あたらよ’s 10月無口な君を忘れる MV “released” (投稿) in Nov 2020, gained over million views, before the digital single is released (リリース) on Mar 2021. Wikipedia.

Missing fields for artist credits
the biggest reason I want to enter music videos into MusicBrainz, is to record the artist credits associated with music videos. I can’t do that fully in MusicBrainz. I cannot accurately represent:
illustrator, animator, photography, typography, video production producers / managers / director
set design, lighting, camera crew

Missing “traditional” data

  • no label or barcode (although self-published releases aren’t uncommon)
  • is a sole recording entry, no tracklist
  • recording has no ISRC

When a music video is “released”, a video is released, not music, you have to rip the music from it.

What I want

We need MovieBrainz (or VideoBrainz).
MovieBrainz recording has relationship “Music Video of” with a MusicBrainz recording entry.
MovieBrainz recording has additional recording-artist relationships not available for MusicBrainz entries (illustrator, typography, set design, camera crew etc)
MovieBrainz “release” (?) schema can be better designed to suit for movies (I don’t know anything at all about this).

To show all music videos on a MusicBrainz artist page, the process goes:
MusicBrainz artist
find corresponding MovieBrainz artist
find all MovieBrainz release group
under category Music Video

The complete schema probably should be a separate discussion.

also unfortunately, most developers are still working on the new react UI, so we won’t see progress on this even if this is accepted…


IF we’re making MovieBrainz, the problem is then: for now, do we accept “Other” release group for music videos, to be removed when MovieBrainz is a thing.

The only information a music video release group adds from being a standalone recording is:
release date
artist credit

release date can be moved to url begin date, artist credit usually can be represented by recording’s vocal artist, but then the formatting for the artist credit will be lost (is this important?).

There are way too many “Other” type release group entries, search result, creating release groups will not help importing into MovieBrainz if that becomes a thing.
We will search for recording entries with “music video of” relationship anyway.

So, do we want to pre-archive thumbnails onto CAA? this is not a misuse of CAA, boxarts are already on CAA, and hypothetically movie posters will also be on CAA if MovieBrainz exists.


Support for music videos has obviously to be improved, but it should be done within MusicBrainz, for now at least.

It is more than a music release, but part of it is a music release. That can be compared with releases consisting of a book and a CD for example; These currently have to be entered into both MusicBrainz and BookBrainz, and then linked together, all of that manually. This is one of the key points that must be drastically improved. That would be the same issues with a new *Brainz dedicated to videos.

It is not just about the lack of developers: It would also require additional server resources, and to form a new community around it. It is not just about new React UI either: There are a lot of other important work in progress too: new UI design, updated/improved search, UI completion w.r.t. the previous schema changes. About the lack of developers and design overhaul, here are the good news teased above:


Recordings do have an artist credit, so I’m not sure why you see that bit as a problem :slight_smile:

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Now that I think about it for a bit more, we can just add a secondary release group type “Music Video”. This seems like a easy and quick fix to me.

side note, I’ve found music video being sold physically on DVD (& BD):
Original MV, DVD sale announcement, Amazon

I still feel that there is a difference between an MV release from other forms of music releases, it’s a release of a piece of music, but not quite a “music release”
usually “music release” have kindda a standard release process, copyright (ISRC), distribution (label) etc, and the MB schema reflects that, but music video doesn’t follow any of those (or does it?)
Even so I don’t see anything incorrect with creating a “Other + Music Video” release group.

I was bit excited with my idea of MovieBrainz :stuck_out_tongue: I still think it’s a good idea though, mostly to attribute artist credits.
But alternatively, we can just start adding these new artist-recordings relationship types onto MusicBrainz.

also, a MovieBrainz will have to compete with IMDB (for editors, attention).
And I’ve realized a MovieBrainz that accepts music videos has to accept all kinds of other videos too, and on the internet that means adult videos, which isn’t somehow bad in itself but there’ll probably be drama.
Building on top of MB (adding relationship types) instead of creating some MovieBrainz bypass these issues, but I still think a MovieBrainz is a better representation (e.g. don’t have to manually enforce “animator relation can only be used on music videos, not other recordings”).

Ye I somehow missed that function, and thought that you can’t do join phrases on recordings :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the correction

Ye sorry if I sounded like I was saying you guys are slow :stuck_out_tongue: , the main thing I wanted to point out is creating such as “MovieBrainz” will have to take a significant time to develop, deploy, and seed with data. And I also want to start adding in music video data ASAP, so it might be more reasonable to add onto MB itself instead of creating MovieBrainz, or at least have some “stopgap”, a standard way of entering music videos in the meanwhile.

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I don’t think anybody disagrees with the idea, go for it :stuck_out_tongue:

It would take a ticket and 10 years to add a new secondary release group type so a new DB is going to take a while if you’re asking someone else to do it :joy::hourglass_flowing_sand:

Ps 'brainz' fantasy list

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I went ahead and entered in 25 MVs as “Other” release group Collection “Music Video Releases” - MusicBrainz, here’s some notes I’ve taken down

list of credits I can’t / haven’t entered in yet - Rocket Powered Pastebin - Markdown

lots of MVs have few or no credits, but that’s to be expected.
There is a deprecated “design/illustration”, and another deprecated “photography” recording-artist relation; I used “illustration” release-artist relation instead in some cases.
“mastering” is deprecated as a recording-artist relation but available in release-artist. Probably intended, but does this makes sense for music video? kindda?

I want an easy way to make a recording “video” when creating the release / tracklist, I had lots of open edits for changing recordings to “video” afterwards (thanks chaban).
The release groups are disambiguated by the “Other (+ Music Video)” type, but you don’t see that when just looking at releases (this page). maybe I should put in “music video” disambiguation on the release?
If we’re making “music video” release groups and putting link on the release, do we still need the link on the recording?

let me know if you want to see any changes, or just don’t want these “music video” release groups.
I won’t be free this weekend to make edits / create these release groups though.

I should look into making scripts, as this rate it’ll take me a month+ to process my old 500 long youtube playlist…

The “premiered” wording is used instead of “uploaded” or “streamed live” because it’s a YouTube premiere. Internally, a premiere is a stream but it’s basically a pre-uploaded video to be made publicly watchable after a certain date the uploader decides during which viewers can watch the videos being played publicly for the first time (“premiering”).


I just remembered that there was a lot of discussion about a “Video” release group type in this thread. I finally made a ticket for that:

main Discourse topic:

edit: relevant discussion