Adding "clean" and "explicit" tags

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Is there a way to add “clean” and “explicit” tags to songs in MusicBrainz Picard? I’m referring to the little “e’s” and “c’s” on official iTunes releases. I know such a function exists in MP3Tag called “ITUNESADVISORY” where “0” meant no changes, “1” meant adding an “explicit” tag and “2” a “clean” tag, but MP3Tag has decided to stop working on my MacOS computer and I’ve downloaded Picard as an alternative. So far I’m really liking it, however, this little thing has been bugging me. I tried looking up tags such as “explicit”, “advisory” or “parental controls”, but they don’t exist.

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I’m really not aware about but I remember a discussion about it recently:


the sort answer is no i dont think you can by default. tho if you have scripting know how it may be able to create a script that can some how do it. (etherway you will probably have to add it manually)

Currently Picard has no support for such a tag. First step would be to add support for this in Picard, meaning Picard must know about this tag and how it is supposed to be written to various file formats. This would allow the use in Picard, either manually or via scripts or plugins.

Best would be to open a ticket about this on . Implementing this requires some research how this is used by other software and which formats can be supported. So far I could only find this documented for MP3Tag, which only lists this for MP4 files. So maybe this needs some experimenting with iTunes itself and whether it also reads this value from ID3 somehow.

Picard would not yet be able to fill this automatically, this would require some support in MusicBrainz as discussed in the thread @Fabe56 linked above.