Adding bitrate / format to filename / folder (FLAC, mp3 V0 320 etc)

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So I’m sure this is probably pretty simple, but I didn’t find it quickly searching the documentation or forums so hopefully someone can help me out with this.

I want the folder to be

Artist - Album (year) [format]

with format being one of these three things: [FLAC] [V0] [320]

V0 and 320 being mp3 bitrates. I found %_filename% which is not quite what I want. This is my current script:

$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%) - $if($ne(%albumartist%,),%album% $if(%date%,($left(%date%,4)))/,)$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disk %discnumber%,)/ $num(%tracknumber%,2) - $if(%artist%,%artist%,) - %title%

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

The variables %_extension% and %_bitrate% should help you. The latter is a bit file format specific, but for FLAC and MP3 it should be fine.

See for more details.

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