Adding band image. So BBC I player and BBC introducing pulls it through

Hi - I manage a band the moods , have been using music brainz for our label releases have seen some correspondence on adding a artist image are there any updates, last I read o forums you had to be in Wikipedia to use an image link- do links to other web hosted images also work

I’m not sure what the BBC accepts for images so you may want to ask them directly what the best option is.

From previous discussions you may be able to upload the image to wikimedia commons and create a wikidata entry. The notability requirement for wikidata is different than the notability required for a wikipedia page. As long as you hold the copyright for the images (or have explicit permission from the person that does) uploading these images to wikimedia commons should also be possible.
So if your artist entry -> wikidate -> wikimedia commons it should hopefully show up.

there are ways of tagging photo’s on Flickr to include the musicbrrainz artist id for computers to be able to find the image.
I am not sure if the bbc will use this but it may be another option if they support it.



The BBC only takes images from Getty and the like or directly from artists. So you’ll want to send them to :slight_smile: