Adding associated EPs to compilation albums

With compilation albums, is it fair to add an EP as an associated EP when not all of the tracks from the EP are featured on the album? In this case, two of the three tracks from the EP are featured on the album.

The language is “associated”, so I would say yes. The EP is connected to the album, and not unusual for EPs or Singles to have some different mixes\B Sides as well.

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No, compilations shouldn’t be “associated”:

I don’t think “included” applies either as it’s meant for boxsets, double albums and the like:


Sorry, missed that this was a compilation album.

More precisely:

singles shouldn’t be marked as being taken from a compilation just because they were included on the compilation, although they should be marked as taken from a compilation if the single was released specifically in connection with the compilation (some compilations will include one or two new singles to help grow sales).

So, the EP should be added only if it’s an EP put out for the compilation, but not if it’s an EP with tracks in the compilation.


Yes, as @reosarevok says.
Never say never. :wink:
I remember seeing an instance of having some single especially released to promote a compilation.


That definitely happens. A Greatest Hits can have a single released to promote it. I’ve also seen a Greatest Hits with a new single added just to make more sales.


Yeah, that happens quite often: