Adding an author


What did I do wrong?

How do I add the author and other relevant information?
This isn’t the first entry I’ve made, so I know it can be done. I just seem to have misplaced the knowledge of how to do it.


hi! being able to attach author to a work isn’t possible right now, because relationships on BB became totally broken. However, the devs are working on this Right as We Speak!
We should Soon™ be able to do this again!
For adding Publications(RG) and their Editions(releases) it’s doable (but also separately) and it’s done by attaching them together within their “create” screen.


As CatQuest pointed out, you can separately add an author, publisher etc. using the create button. However it is presently not possible to add a relationship between them. That’s a work in active progress right now, and hopefully will be available within couple of weeks.


ok, so it isn’t that I forgot how.
glad to hear it.