Adding Album Art to the Left side?

Does Album Art not function on the Left Side?
It does not respond to dragged images onto the “blank CD”.

can you explain what you are trying to do? you will get better help that way :slight_smile:

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Saving albums that are not in the DB, that in most cases can’t be. Otherwise I’d add them.
But I still have artwork for them. If I drop the files on the blank disc … they don’t queue up like they do on the left.

if you drag it to the left side you can only add it to 1 song at a time if you try more it will not work and if you try and add it to a cluster it will not either. I recommend making them a cluster and then adding them to each song in the cluster then save them other then that you could use iTunes to add them to the album all you do is select the album click get info an add them to the part where the album art goes that will add it to all the songs in the metadata (other players may be able to do the same thing but i only use iTunes so i can not help you with them)

sorry i can not be of any more help unless you need to know how to do it in iTunes


So, on the left, 1 track at a time…
I guess that kind of makes sense since it’s not actually sure what it is until it goes and saves each track by whatever the tags are set only. Where as the right does have the tracks all in a ‘container’, the loaded album.

… I didn’t think about dragging individually. :wink:

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I actually think there is no good reason why Picard does not support this other than that it is not implemented yet. So I added a ticket and started working on this:


…and you have no idea how handy that just came in. Thank You!

Now 240 something OC Remix tracks have Album Art.

Saw that and added it my build right the heck away!