Adding AcoustIDs without lookups

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I have a puzzle. When I am trying to identify a compilation album, how can I add AcoustIDs to the files WITHOUT having to wait for all the database lookups? Especially with compilation albums.

Here is an example. I started online, found the slightly rare CD in the database, used the Green Tagger button to select the correct release, and this is sitting in Picard on the right hand side.

I drag in a folder of files to the left, cluster them.

So I KNOW which album these will be for. I want to generate the AcoustIDs to add to these files. And then I want them to associate to the release on the right.

But this is what happens…

This takes FIVE FULL MINUTES to settle and stop chugging away (but then I do have only 200Mbps broadband). Yes, part of this is because I had forgotten I had left “download all art” enabled. So a couple of those incorrect matches are downloading 30 page booklets.

BUT there is no STOP button… so I have to walk away for five minutes or I’ll loose the AcoustIDs.

Now it gets messy as I have to work through all those bad matches and drag my files back up to the Correct match at the top. At that stage I can finally submit the AcoustIDs…

What I’d love to see:

1\ A [Calculate AcoustID] button that works on the left (or right) hand side but does NOT do the lookup yet.
2\ A [STOP] downloading art button.

I have seen stalled conversations about this in the “your topic is similar to…” but they all peter out and head into more specific details about submissions and over complicate the issues. En-route my specific issue was in a ticket, but that ticket has been closed

Any thoughts? Do I just have to keep toggling images on and off? Waiting for extra lookups I then discard? AHAHA - thought of a trick. Cut the network lead when I hit the AcoustID button… HAHA! That will do it.

But there should be a more elegant way…

You ticket was only closed because there is another ticket dealing with this:

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It isn’t my ticket, and that is a very different question in 991.

My question - how do I generate AcoustID without any online lookup?

Ticket 991 - how to generate AcoustID on left or right side AFTER matching to the release and submit those AcoustIDs.

I am just trying to get the AcoustIDs calculated BEFORE there is any kind of internet connection made.

Do you see the subtle difference?

The problem is, when the AcoustID button ALWAYS causes an online lookup it will often find a match on a very different release. Which I know will be wrong. So I’d want to avoid seeing dozens of releases in that screenshot… all chugging and downloading… only to then be immediately discarded. (It is also a waste of database search time)

Currently the AcoustID button does (roughly):
1\ Calculate an AcoutstID from the file
2\ go online and find a match for this AcoustID
3\ locate the release this AcoustID is on
4\ download all details of that release the file was found in
5\ shove into right hand side…
Repeat for all tracks selected

I only need step ONE to happen when I press a button.

Trying to slow down the “do it all at the same time” so I can then get a better match for obscure collections like in the example.

(Even if this was a RIGHT CLICK option to call up a Plug-In to just calc the AcoustIDs for the file would be a solution…)

Thinking out loud time - been reading those other threads \ tickets \ etc.

I’m trying to think simple. Dumb it down. Slow it up. Stop it being so clever.

Either on Right or Left side, a single Right Click option that purely runs fpcalc.exe on the selected files and adds or updates an AcoustID.

That’s it. Nothing else. Just run the calculation, update the data on screen, nothing else. No lookups.

This then makes it easier to use this either before or after I have done a manual lookup. Or a tag lookup. Or submission. Or whatever.

Currently there is no way to calc the AcoustIDs without setting off the whole party of tricks. :smile: