Adding 86 works easily?

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I’ve just added this release:
Unfortunately, hardly any of the works are in MB and the few that exist are inconsistent and unstructured. I’m not a William Lawes (or anything else :wink: ) expert, but I think this release is fairly authorative. However, I have little appetite/aptitude for adding 86 works (including parents) accurately and merging the few existing manually.
My work-round (since I just wanted to tag my CD) was to amend my Classical Extras plugin to structure the works from the “work: movement” format of the titles (see pic below - the code will be in the next release). It struck me that a similarly simple (?) approach could be used for a script to generate the works (including the parents) in MB. Does one exist or is it within anyone’s capability and/or desire to write one? (I guess the merging will still be necessary, but that should be manageable).