Added German translation of Carmen, would like an expert review

as the title says, I just added a new translation of Carmen (well, new to the database…). anyone who’s familiar with opera works, I’d like input on how I did~ :upside_down_face:

I followed the example of the original French version and the Italian translation, so I don’t think I did half bad… :wink:

the particular album I added is here, and input there is welcome too~

Great job, as far as I can tell. Only possible improvement I would wish for is the addition of the respective role in the relationships. Not just “Christa Ludwig - mezzo-soprano”, but “Christa Ludwig - mezzo-soprano , [credited as] Carmen”. Otherwise well done :+1:

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I thought about doing that, actually… wasn’t sure if that was standard until about halfway through adding those credits and checked the relationships of one of the singers… :melting_face:

if I’m feeling daring, I might go back and do that. I think there’s some missing anyways…