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Was wondering if there was any scripting that could add (Remastered 0000) Year to the song track titles if the album is a remastered version.
instead of: 10 - Nickelback - Someone that you’re with.mp3

Or even if the original rips have this extra info there already is there some script that can copy this info over to the new save?


If it is enough for you to distinguish original year and the release year of this release you could do something like:


So %_release_year% will only be set if originaldate is different from date (the release date of the actual release you are tagging).

If you really want to use the date only if there is an actual remastered AR on MB you can’t use scripts directly for this as this information is not available directly. A plugin could be made to fetch this data and make it available as a tag.

Is the remastered AR used a lot? My problem with this AR has always been that it is a release to release relationship and I don’t know what to set as the original one. A remaster usually is based on the original studio recordings (unless those are unavailable). Now let’s assume the album was originally recorded in 2010 and has been released on CD, Vinyl and digital. All are based on the same final mix of the studio recordings, ideally each mastered slightly different to take care of the medium specifics.

Now there is a 2020 remastered re-release, which is also based on the same studio recordings. When I add such a release, which release do I point to in the remaster AR? The original CD, Vinyl or digital release? All of them?


Assuming you’ve already determined which releases are candidates for this relation, at least this question is partially answered in the guidelines for the remaster relation which say to link to the earliest released version.

Of course that answer doesn’t help if there’s a case with more than one earliest version or if the earliest version is unknown.

It also doesn’t help that the release used as an example for the remaster relation does not appear to follow this guideline.

I don’t think I’ve ever used this relation. I suppose it’s primarily meant for reissues that have identical or substantially similar tracklists?


Thanks for the reply but wow you both really make me re-think things after all that :wink:

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