Add release with picard instead web

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to add release in musicbrainz directly from picard ?

I ask that because, I got some cd didn’t show up in musicbrainz, I do through picard and kid3 the editing, and find myself to lazy to do it again inside musicbrainz…

And a stupid question : I got a small collection of CD, but didn’t got currently a cd-rom (I just got a light laptop). Is they are anyway to generated the disc ID through already rip file ?


Have a look at the Add Cluster As Release plugin from the plugins page. This should help you enter the information into MusicBrainz. Note that you should still review the information for accuracy before submitting the edit.


You can add release with that plugin but please don’t generate fake Disc ID from files.
The real CD in drive Disc ID might be different.

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