"Add New Tag..." context option doesn't work?

So I’ve tried this option numerous times in Picard with no luck. Right click a track or album, select “Add New Tag,” write in the tag field and edit the value. After doing this the tag never actually shows up.

Basically, if a given tag field wasn’t present when Picard looked up the album (for example, missing record label info) there is no way for me to add it in Picard. Or if, say, I want to add something in the comment field, I can’t, because a “comment” tag would never be present in an initial MusicBrainz lookup. I’m stuck using some other program just to enter that one tag, very annoying.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here? The option seems like it should be very straightforward.

I noticed that, too, while testing a few days back. I was in a hurry and not sure it was just a glitch, but seems to be an issue that should be reported to tickets.musicbrainz.org.

@samj1912 is this a known issue?

Interestingly enough, this does work correctly in a Picard 2.0 development build after fixing a crash in the edit tag dialog.

Interesting indeed! How long does such a thing usually take to show up in a stable build?

Picard 2.0 will probably not be released this year. Hopefully it’ll come out 2018, depending on Things™.

Bummer, but understandable. Maybe I’ll continue using Picard as a foundation, and use other taggers to “fill in the gaps,” so to speak. Is there any other program that plays nice with Picard’s multi-value tags? I like MP3tag, but I’ve found it converts multivalue tags into a single-value string, separated by semicolons. Love that program but I’d rather not undo all the effort I’ve put into getting my multi-artist tracks right in Picard.