Add extra digital medium to the same release if vinyl release contains download code

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Any best practices?

I tend to do so in particular if the digital release is not available elsewhere.


I do. It comes with your purchase so it is is part of the release.


If it is something unique and extra and coming from the artist - then it is worth adding.

But if it is just Amazon ripping tracks for the lazy then I don’t bother.


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OK, thanks. I added an extra medium because the hi-res files are currently available nowhere else but with the vinyl release:

Peter Gabriel – Rated PG

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I’m not so sure. I think of the digital copy more as a convenience than a separate medium and usually don’t add it as long as there’s a digital copy that can be entered as a release in its own right.

Some scenarios:

I buy a record from the artist’s bandcamp page. This comes with download/streaming rights through bandcamp. I don’t really think that qualifies as an additional medium

I buy a record from a different source. Inside is a piece of paper printed with a code that can be redeemed on bandcamp for download and streaming rights. I guess the existence of that piece of paper links the physical release a little more to the digital copy, but it seems basically the same.

That said, if it’s the case that you can only ever get the digital copy by buying the physical release, that seems like a stronger link.