Add disambiguation comment to the "other versions menu"

Please add the option to view the disambiguation comment in Picards “other versions”-menu.

It is difficult to pick the right version of an album when all I can see is the catalog ID for the album. This does not intuitively tell me anything.

Previously I have had to first select a version, then right-click on any of the tracks and select “Lookup in Browser” to find the right Cat No, then apply the changes.

Would be really nice to be able to see the disambiguation in the right-click menu.

Or even better, perhaps users could decide for themselves what they want to display in the “other versions”-menu


This is supposed to have been done in PICARD-2043 but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

I see. I am using version 2.7.3 on Windows 10 x64 21H2 if that helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have already an open ticket for that:

We will most likely replace this submenu with a proper dialog, because the current way this is handled already has a couple of issues and problems with information display. See PICARD-966 and related tickets.

Well, it hasn’t been implemented yet, so it’s not supposed to work at all :grin:


Wonderful! What more can I say :grin: I am excited to see it in action!

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