Add Book wizard doesn't work - webpage's javascript freezes

I am attempting to use +add>Book on the bookbrainz website to add books, but the form is nonfunctional. I can enter text into any plain text dialog box, but anything using javascript such as sort name guess/copy, author lookup, publisher lookup, the next button, the details tab, the contents tab, the +add dropdown menu, the docs dropdown menu, and the user dropdown menu cannot be interacted with.

I have attempted this in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and had the same issue. Adblock has been disabled and all other plugins have been disabled. I had tried on a different computer with no change in the problem. I also tried and it had the same issue.

It is still possible to add Works, Editions, Series, and Authors using their respective entrys in the +add dropdown menu - after navigating to a new page where javascript works.

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Hi @betonhaus, thanks for reporting the issue (and for pinging us on the IRC channel too!)

I confirm something is breaking the page, and as you suspect it is preventing anything else from working.
I’m investigating now, will keep you posted.


I deployed a fix for the issue just now, it’s live on the main website as well as beta and test.

Thanks again for reporting the issue, much obliged !


thank you, much appreciated