Add an equivalent to "discography page" for works [STYLE-884]


I added STYLE-884 because of this edit. There’s very good work-level info available at composers’ pages sometimes and we’re not linking to it currently. This is not really a post to ask if we should link to this kind of stuff (although if someone has a very good reason we shouldn’t, do say!) but there’s a problem: I have no idea how to name the relationship. What do people think? “work page” seems a bit meh, but it might work if we can’t come up with anything better.


Yes, this is much needed.

(I find “discography page” misleading as it is.
A discography is commonly taken to mean a list or series of descriptions of the releases by an artist. I’ve ofen considered that the link I’m entering for a “discograhy page” isn’t part of a discography - but entered it anyway and so trained myself to ignore implied standards on MB.)

“Work page” at least is natural language.
But yeah it isn’t great.

Exposition on work page
Work exposition page
Work analysis page
About the work page
On the work page
On work
More on work page

I agree that the term “discography page” would be misleading, but the actual term is “discography entry” (so the ticket has a misleading title).
In this case the page is not in the context of any particular release or artist.
Perhaps an equivalent term might be “opus entry”. This would also imply that an artist (composer) could have an “opus page” as an external link to a page containing a listing of all their works.


I added Relationship Type / Work list entry - MusicBrainz for now (name debatable). If people feel we should also have an artist-level page, please add a ticket for that (I’m not 100% sure it’s needed because these will often be the artist’s own home page, but I guess not always :slight_smile: )

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