Add a new column to Picard to show pre-processed MusicBrainz tags?

Inspired by some brainstorming about something else, another idea came up.

It’s fresh, and at this moment I can not foresee all possible advantages and consequences, but before I forget about it I thought to throw it out here for possible feedback and ideas.

Picard has two colums for tag values.

The one on the left displays the tags currently present in your files, the one one the right will show what Picard will write to your files, after processing, depending on settings, plugins, scripts. etc.

There can be a world of difference between them, depending on these settings, plugins and scripts, and on what MB has to offer for them.
When I started trying out Picard in the beginning, that was an aspect that confused me a lot.
(I think I even gave up twice before finally embracing it)

How about adding a new column?
This column would display the retrieved tag values from MB as they are.
Only for Picard’s ‘known’ tags, and showing them as they are, before any script or plugin gets their claws in them.

This might give a better insight and understanding of what is actually happening, and also gives the opportunity to display MB’s data verbatim in Picard.

(it should probably be optional for users that are not interested in this or want to save screen estate)