Adapting the VM server to MongoDB or Neo4j

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Hey there,
I have installed in my PC the VirtualMachine Image of the server of MusicBrainz.
Now, what I want to do is to adapt this postgres server to another nosql type of server which let me include AI for smarts searches. The types of servers that I have think are MongoDB and Neo4j. There is a tutorial of how to translate the server to Neo4j, but it is from 2013 and I dont knw if it is useful.
If anyone have try to do something like that, can tell me if it is too difficult or if it is possible and how can I see how to do that?
I´m trying to do that for my final project at the college.
Thaks a lot!

Maybe this can help you to decide:


IMHO to get a running copy of the actual postgresql-database in another SQL-type is VERY difficult.
If you just want to search some parts of the database (like artists or releases) it’s “doable”.