Actual year of release of tracks on compilation?


One of the things I was hoping I could do with Picard is, change the “Release Date” of tracks on a compilation – to the date (year) of the actual song, rather than the date of the compilation. Seeing the originalyear tag got my expectations up… but now that I’ve gotten to know the basics and have done some tagging, it seems I will be disappointed.

The data in originalyear seems also to be for the whole compilation.

Is it possible to do what I’m looking for? Without detective work by hand on hundreds of tracks?

Thanks for help and thanks to all who’ve contributed to build this great tool.

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Going to be tricky. You’ll be relying on each separate Recording on that compilation having recording dates attached. That will be very patchy as different artists will be better covered than others. This relies not only research and that information being know - for each track - but will also need to have a keen person to have spent the time to add those details.

And then you’ll need a script added to Picard to bring those dates up from the Recording level and copy them into the date boxes.

Not impossible, but needs a little bit of work to achieve.

Probably best to start by using the human eyeball to go look at some of the compilations as they stand in the MB Database and see how well linked up it is. Maybe post some examples?