ACT: I like this label!

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I’m very impressed by the label ACT (LC 07644)!
It’s a German label, focused on European jazz.

They have a good website (clear style, good information).
They provide comprehensive information for their artists and their releases.

If you take a look to, e.g. Youn Sun Nah, they provide a lot of information and downloads: biography, videos (links to YouTube), covers, product-information (on site and PDF, English and German) and photos.
This is perfect! I never saw such extensive information at other labels.

I just have CDs from Youn Sun Nah for ACT and they are fine. They come in a good
6-panel digipacks.
BTW: I don’t like jewel cases, which may break only by giving a stern look to the case. I also don’t like digisleeves, where it’s hard to get out the CD and if you do this more often, the medium gets scratched.
Sadly the latest album of YSN was not releases on ACT.

I’ll take a deeper look to ACT and their artists. Since I’m getting more and more interested in jazz genre (in a wider sense), I think I’ll find something interesting on ACT. I’m sure, I will buy further physical albums from them.

From my point of view the people at ACT make a great job and I think it’s also okay to compliment this label.

P.S.: I’m not related to ACT, any of theirs artists or someone else. I also get nothing payed from them and nothing for free.