AcoustID submission slow and partially failing

Hi all.
Since two-three days I’m experiencing slow AcoustID transfers and sometimes I get told that not all tracks have been submitted. Is the service actually overloaded, or what can I do?

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Yes, seems to be rather slow currently. According to it is operational in general. Also the statistics at don’t show any recent peaks.

@lukz do you have any details on this?


Still no connection to possible?
Currently, this error returns after pressing the “Scan”-Button: - server replied: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR', b'{"error": {"code": 5, "message": "internal error"}, "status": "error"}'

AcoustID submission failed:

E: 09:37:16,723 acoustid\manager._batch_submit_finished:137: AcoustID submission failed with error 'Error transferring - server replied: Gateway Time-out':
D: 09:37:16,726 acoustid\manager._batch_submit:104: AcoustID submission finished, but not all fingerprints have been submitted

Can someone please contact @lukz ?