AcoustID submission failed with error "Connection Closed"'

Been working fine for over a year, now I can’t submit any AcoustID info, just get that error down on the status line. Any ideas ?

I’m getting that right now, too. Probably related to this: Server Error (HTTP 503) when doing an AcoustID scan

@lukz, is this something you’re working on again?

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Just did a full update on SuSE Tumbleweed and the problem went away. Had 3 CD’s queued up for AcoustIDs and now they have gone through/updated.

Problem must have been something with a mis-timed or partial update from SuSE & not a Picard issue. Sorry for any trouble.


It’s fixed for me now, too, and I didn’t update anything. I think it was something on the backend that was being worked on.