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I used MusicBrainz Picard on some tag-less files I have but most results came from various artist albums something like “Magic Collection”, “Hot Songs of the 90s” or greatest hits albums. These are songs I extracted from CDs i owned, I extracted them from my old iPhone because I was too lazy to re-rip them, they came out tag-less.

Can I use some tweaking to get more mainstream results?

You can. Under Options > Meta data > Preferred releases you can use the sliders to set your preferences. For example by dragging the slider for compilations to the left and albums to the right.

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Much better, Thanks.

You probably already know this (but Picard doesn’t really make it clear), but if it’s only a couple of tracks getting mis-matched you can always just drag and drop them into the correct album :slight_smile:

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I got always compilation (greatest hits, etc.) whatever “Preferred Releases” options I can set in Picard 1.3.2…

I’ve got identified tracks but I have for each file to “lookup in browser” then find the recording the get the original album and tag from there… It is quite long…

How do get this feature working? I’d have a [non-album track] rather than a [Various Artist] folder…


Do you have the actual albums or only single files? Do they have existing tags? In general you should prefer lookup over scan, and if you have entire albums use cluster before lookup.

I have written myself an experimental plugin, which one can use to convert any loaded metadata into a non album track. It however depends on code not yet merged into Picard.

Thanks for your fast and kind answer.

When I got albums (complete or not), I first cluster then look up and then scan when necessary. And it works fine in that case.
My issue appears when working on folder of unsorted, alone singles. A big part of them already have IDTags. But I observe “Lookup” does not perform good (got compilation instead of original artist album, or sometime wrong artist/title) when “Scan” is better (correct title/artist, but various artists compilation instead of artist album).

I’m not sure it is a buggy feature or a misinterpretation of the settings from my part :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be interrested in such a plugin when you think it is ready for dispatch :slight_smile:


Misinterpretation probably :stuck_out_tongue: No, seriously: When using scan this setting has no effect at all, I think (or maybe only very limited, would need to look in the code). When using lookup on unclustered releases the releasetype definitly should make a difference, but the release type is only one factor Picard takes into account. Title, track length and artist also has a big influence. The sliders just dertermine how much weight a specifc release type gets. Also it depends on what data the service returns, and Picard does not necessarily compare all the releases a track is available on, especially if there are many releases containing a song (and most of them are usually compilations).

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Also regarding the comparisson Picard makes it would be interesting to see some examples from you and also how you have the sliders set. This can definitely be tweaked, but the current settings seem to work quite well in many cases.