AcoustID not displayed in Picard


Could you explain when Picard display the AcoustID in the bottom frame and when not:
I was loading some FLAC files and strangely for most releases it displays the AcoustID field under Date (ex 1.) but for another one it is not displayed (ex 2.)

Both release shave a disc IDs and recordings with AcoustIDs



If you load files into Picard and they show an AcoustID this means this AcoustID was already stored in the tags. If some files don’t have an AcoustID it means they don’t have this in their tags.

To get an AcoustID for a file one needs to first generate the fingerprint for this file and than ask the AcoustID server for a match. In Picard the “Scan” function does this.

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But there is already AcoustIDs for this release.
I also try to rescan and send them again but still nothing appearing

What exactly happens if you scan those files? Does it match them to the release? Does Picard show the AcoustID in the metadata of those files directly after scanning? Do you save them afterwards?

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Ok got it now.

I used Scan function and indeed the IDs are now displayed, I thought Generate AcoustIDs would be same as scanning.

Thanks for the help

“Generate AcoustID Fingerprints” actually just generates the fingerprints you can use then for submission. It does not do the extra network calls to match a fingerprint to an AcoustID and a MB recording.

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So means when tagging new files a second step after using Cluster to scan everything :frowning:

Yes, because you have the choice between:
a) Scan
b) Lookup

If none of this two automated methods are available, or don’t produce the desired results you still can
c) Lookup in Browser
d) Manual Lookup

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I’m not sure if ‘scan’ respects a ‘cluster’? Lookup does, but scanning ignores all existing tags/groupings I think? (someone… help…)

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