AcoustID Lookup Issue

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Windows 10 64 bit and Picard 1.4.2

A couple of days ago I added this release to MuzicBrainz using Picard.

After adding the release I used Picard to tag my files with the MusicBrainz data. After tagging my files I used the AcoustID Fingerprinter to upload the acoustid fingerprints for the files.

To test the fingerprints I moved the files from the right hand pane in Picard to clusters on the left and did a scan. The result was that scanning did not move the files into the album on the right.

Track 20 “Teen Beat” was a new recording so I am going to use it to illustrate the problem.

Things I checked:

  • On the MuzicBrainz web site I checed that the recording had an associated AcoustID.
  • I also checked that the AcoustID on MusicBrainz was the same as the one being generated in Picard. They Matched perfectly.

Here is a section of the Picard debug log:

D: 14:59:00 Starting fingerprint calculator u’C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBrainz Picard\fpcalc.exe’ u’C:\Music\New Music\Hits of 1960 Original Artists\20 - Teen Beat.ogg’
D: 14:59:00 AcoustID: looking up the fingerprint for file 'C:\Music\New Music\Hits of 1960 Original Artists\20 - Teen Beat.ogg’
D: 14:59:00 POST-DATA 'clientversion=1.4.2final0&format=xml&client=v8pQ6oyB&meta=recordings%20releasegroups%20releases%20tracks%20compress&fingerprint=AQADtGMSJVKSJJGSgIkU3ahc5LyQL0TNg3qkKmCuI-exnUj-4UmULzh6Hl-O5ilDPLhwpvD-
Cut shorter for reading purposes.
D: 14:59:00 WSREQ: First request to (‘’, 80)
D: 14:59:01 Received reply for HTTP 200 (OK)
D: 14:59:01 AcoustID: Lookup successful for 'C:\Music\New Music\Hits of 1960 Original Artists\20 - Teen Beat.ogg’
D: 14:59:01 No matching tracks for file ‘C:\Music\New Music\Hits of 1960 Original Artists\20 - Teen Beat.ogg’
D: 14:59:01 Updating file <File u’20 - Teen Beat.ogg’>

From the log it looks like the AcoustID lookup is succeeding but Picard is not moving the track into the album. I have no idea why this is not happening.

If someone wants to give this a try you can download the audio file and complete log from here.



I can reproduce. Might be due to this AcoustId synchronizaton issue:!topic/acoustid/Ej1AXaMbaI0


If you look up an AcoustID for a MusicBrainz Recording that isn’t yet in AcoustID’s replicated copy of the MusicBrainz database, Picard won’t get a “hit” for looking the AcoustID up. There was a broken replication packet a few days ago, which led to the issue @outsidecontext linked to. Until AcoustID’s replication is fixed, you won’t be able to get matches for newly added MusicBrainz Recordings—however, you still can (and should!) submit matches for them, as the matches will still recorded in AcoustID and will start working as soon as AcoustID’s replication has caught up!


Thanks for the feedback. At least I know it is not a problem on my end. I’ll give it a couple of days and try it again.