AcoustID API returning empty results

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I’ve had a problem since I first started using AcoustID in January where it consistently won’t return any results for certain fingerprints, no matter how many times I’ve submitted them. I’ve tested this with Picard, VLC and Metatogger.

For example, looking up this fingerprint returns:

{“results”: [], “status”: “ok”}

Looking up the same recording from a different release gives the expected result:

{“results”: [{“id”: “6222d0f4-3e53-48fc-afe2-20d527d1856b”, “score”: 0.989583}], “status”: “ok”}

This is hardly an obscure track (there’s over 1000 submissions there), so I can’t see why it would return an empty result. I have over a dozen more examples that I can provide, if necessary.