AcoustID API broken? (returning internal server error)

I have previously successfully generated and submitted AcoustIDs with Picard (v.2.5.6), but now I run into the following error even after generating a new API key and waiting hours between retries.

Could anyone confirm that AcoustID submission from Picard is currently functional?

Error message from the Picard logs:

E: 12:28:13,057 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/init._handle_reply:456: Network request error for Error transferring - server replied: Internal Server Error (QT code 401, HTTP code 500)

E: 12:28:13,059 /usr/lib/picard/picard/acoustid/manager._batch_submit_finished:193: AcoustID submission failed with error ‘Error transferring - server replied: Internal Server Error’: internal error

E: 12:28:13,061 /usr/lib/picard/picard/acoustid/manager._batch_submit:153: AcoustID submission failed permanently, probably too many retries


I think the AcoustID server is having one of its wobbly weeks. It has been slow to respond and timing out for the last couple of days.


#MeToo :slight_smile:
…and I agree with @IvanDobsky that server is probably working way over its capacity

The statistics show a spike of fingerprint submissions starting 3 days ago, this might be causing the submission issues:

But the statistics currently stop there so not sure what the current situation is. Only @lukz can tell details.


Came here to ask the same. Can’t submit ids through Picard, and getting the odd 500 error on ids.

Does @lukz still come here? According to his page, he was last here a year ago?

Same here. (I know that my post here doesn’t add anything to the conversation but I do consider AcoustID to be critical)

Looks like it has recovered and responding as normal again…