AcousticID Disabled Fingerprints - Do They Ever Expire?


Just curious, for recordings where we have removed fingerprint links (for whatever reason) - do those disabled links (the ones that are formatted with a strikethrough) ever expire/drop off?

Just wondering, as some of them are quite long/messy with disabled links (see an example below)

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Ive raised this issue

If you remove them, I think they will more likely be relinked.
Keeping them, I think, prevents them being re-added too easily, because maybe you keep some for/against counts counting.


That’s a fair idea - but is there anyway to hide them at all, from a per user setting point?

Probably with userscript.
I think it’s rather informative without being distracting, as it seems they are always at the end of the list, already.

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Not sure how this would work. Many of the ones I see to disable are obvious errors from bad compilations. Unlikely for the same error to be repeated, and if it was then the person adding it will never see the strike through is there. They just blindly add from Picard.

I wonder what does happen when something is added back. Do it remove the strike through?

I think they are just listed alphabetically e.g Track "1ef075e2-5721-468d-b483-3a85f61234d0" | AcoustID

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I think @jesus2099 meant looking at them from the MB side e.g. Recording “Be My Lover” by Alice Cooper - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz

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