Acousticbrainz GUI App for Mac Question

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Hi. Really wanting to analyze my music and upload to acousticbrainz. I have a problem though and can’t figure it out .

Everytime I point the extractor app to a folder that has aiff files in it. The app gives me a. Error that says there are no audio files in the folder.

I am currently re ripping my CD collection using XLD, adding and tagging them through musicbrainz, and putting them on my Plex server. I want to contribute to the music community as I have hundreds of CDs that I have bought over the last 20 years.

I am archiving my CD collection and figured my CDs could help the community. If anyone could please help me analyze my tracks and get them submitted that would be great.

Hi there,
Sorry that it took so long to get a reply to you. Unfortunately our GUI doesn’t support aiff, but I’ll add a ticket to look at adding it! (However, unfortunately you may also have seen that we’re quite behind on development of the client tools - Is acousticbrainz-client stale?)

Did you manage to submit data using the commandline tool?