AcousticBrainz data dumps

We’re pleased to announce (finally!) a complete data dump of the submissions to AcousticBrainz. See the data download page on the website for more details: Downloads - AcousticBrainz

We provide the following dumps:

  • Lowlevel dumps (589GB compressed): all low-level submissions
  • Highlevel dumps (39GB compressed): all computed high-level submissions
  • Sample dumps: (2GB compressed): 100,000 sample low-level and high-level submissions
  • Feature dumps: (3G compressed): Some selected low-level features that can be used without downloading the full archive.

These dumps include all 30 million submissions to AcousticBrainz over the last 5 or so years. In the coming month we will also generate a dump that contains only one submission per recording MBID (approximately 7 million items) instead of also including duplicate items.