Acoustic, Instrumental, Alternate languages, Remixes, etc

Could someone explain(like I’m 5… walk me through it please) what if any relationships I should be creating for these and similar versions of songs and how to relate them to the original if at all?

Almost all KPop(which is my main focus) albums have a few instrumental versions on them. Also I feel like I’ve seen something about karaoke versions? Is an instrumental the same? They lack vocals so I’d think?

Many songs have versions in multiple languages. For example the Bha Bha Song (We Baby Bears Theme) by TRI.BE has English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese versions.

Then of course there is the classic acoustic versions. Or in the case of one song “Campfire” version Recording “Ride (Camp Fire Ver.)” by We Girls - MusicBrainz

And then of course all sort of remixes.

Also I guess “clean” vs “explicit” versions as well. For example Release “Resistance” by Rockit Girl - MusicBrainz this single contains both versions.

I feel like if there should be relationships for all these I will be spending all February going through everything adding them.

Firstly, are you familiar with works? Most of the following instructions relate to works, or linking works together. Just ask if something’s not clear! Detailed walk-throughs can be provided, but not all of this at once.

Thanks to dragonzeron on Discord for most of this:

  • Acoustic: Link recording to original work
  • Karaoke or Instrumental: @jesus2099 has a good description of the difference here
  • Instrumental: I believe usually you can just link the recording to the original work with the ‘instrumental’ type? But if the instrumental came first and then someone added lyrics later you would create a new work for the new non-instrumental version, linked to the original, to store new lyricist data (might be wrong here…)
  • Karaoke: Link recording to original work with the ‘karaoke’ type
  • Different languages: Link recording to a new work, relate that to the original work with the ‘translated’ type
  • Clean vs Explicit: Different recordings, but link to the same work

I’m no expert on works, but hopefully that will bring some people out of the woodwork to correct me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, you never have to add this detail, but all this inter-linking is where the data can get really interesting, and hopefully you get into it and have fun. But don’t spend all Feb adding this if you don’t enjoy it, O.K!


So for each song you have to manually create a work for it to link recordings to? This sounds like a daunting task! I will try looking at how others have been done and see if I can start doing some. My main focus is to try getting every artist I can from these lists (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) added, as much of them are completely missing. So if this isn’t required it might go to the back burner for now.

Thank you for explaining!


Not so bad as you can bulk create them in the Relationship Editor on a Release.

One click of “Batch create new works” and you can make them all at the same time. Then thanks to the way this page works, you can then assign the same writers to multiple works in a couple of clicks.

See a Work like the written sheet of music and lyrics. If they sing the same song live, or someone does a cover version then you’d link to this same Work. It is a neat way to see how often something gets performed.


Someone should make a series of youtube videos showing how to do all the different things on this site for users like me :laughing:


What a coincidence, I’m making a bunch of videos right now!
Please add to this list what you think is missing: Video/YouTube tutorial requests
Break suggestions up into logical chunks please, perhaps with the text that you would search for if it’s not obvious (to help with video titles/findability).