Acoustic ID refers to a different recording

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For one of my tracks an Acoustic ID is generated which refers to a completely different recording.
My media file is a recording of the Mayday concert:
The Acoustic ID is linked to this recording:

Are Acoustic IDs unique?

Acording to This article Acoustic IDs can be unlinked. However I can’t find this option:
Recording “Seven Hours Sleep” by The Hafler Trio - AcousticBrainz
How does it work?

AcoustIDs can refer to multiple different recordings, but that usually only happens with recordings that are quite alike, like different versions of the same work. They probably just get mismatched more often.

You can unlink AcoustIDs from recordings on the fingerprints tab of the recording page on MusicBrainz:

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That worked.
Thanks a lot!

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