Accessing Metadata / Tag Data on the Cluster side vs. the Right Side

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This may be related to a similar question I’ve put in another thread…

Track Total and Track Number are visible on the Album side. Even though those numbers are on the main line only, they’re associated with the entire album but they are stored in each track for grouping.

Should I be able to get at these values on the Cluster side as well? At the individual line level, of course. I realise that Cluster does not actually mean “Album”.

Being able to have a working column with the individual track numbers on the Cluster side would help when you’re working with files before pushing them over to the Right, or especially in those cases where they’re not ever going to be on the Right side.

I know I don’t have have a Track Number column on the Left, but I don’t even see the Total Tracks numbers showing up there either.*

*of course, the tags need to be set and most of the time files on the Left would likely not be tagged with as much detail right off. :wink: