Accessing classical-only fields in Picard like "piano", "orchestra" and "conductor" in Picard

Hello all.

Long-time obsessive metadata classical music guy here (15,000 songs in work and movement format in iTunes using many custom AppleScripts), and finally made an account here after using Picard for a while.

Anyhow, is it possible to access/copy performer tags to the “artist” field using Picard? For example, I have the complete Chopin Edition. But after running it through Picard, there are no artists other than Chopin! Which is in direct contradiction to the webpage listing, where pianist, orchestra, and conductor are all different.

I don’t see a field for any of this data inside Picard itself…

Is there a way to copy those fields to the artist field inside of Picard? Or at least access the various “special” classical-only field available on MusicBrainz?


Download and enable the Classical Extras plugin. Give it a try. It seems to have a lot of capability to put all the classical music participants into Artist and Composer tags.

Forum discussion at Classical Extras plugin . I don’t know it well yet. I am just beginning to start using it.

And, if you don’t know beets, you might want to give it a look. You might find its tagline fits: “the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks.” Eventually, it might replace Picard for obsessive tagging.

Two methods: 1. Use Picard tagger scripts to put the performer tags into the artist tag.
2. Install the Classical Extras plugin and map the soloist/ensemble tags using the UI for the plugin (Options–>Plugins - click the > symbol to drop-down and use the Classical Extras UI)
Classical Extras will do loads more than this - read the Readme. The next version will do loads more still - hopefully enough even for obsessives! So have a play with it now and I’ll try and get a new beta out in a week or so.

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OK one week has been more like three, but the new Classical Extras release is now available - see Classical Extras plugin

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