AC/DC has recently been renamed to ACϟDC. According to the style guide the name is “in most cases, it is the name as found on releases.” I don’t have a record at hand right now but from the top of my head I can’t remember seeing the stylized version as an official name on any release. The simple lack of unicode characters support in the 70s and 80s should probably be a sufficient explanation.

I don’t want to open a revert war on such an important artist, so what’s the proper name for AC/DC on Musicbrainz?


Even if they release new albums with a stylized name, the old releases should still keep the AC/DC slash as that is how they were released.

Also comical to notice on their own store page their newest release is still sold as AC/DC AC/DC Live at Donington DVD Bundle - AC/DC

I’ll now sit back and watch the daft debate.


The “ϟ” in “ACϟDC” is the Greek letter koppa, which only looks like a lighting bolt in certain sans-serif fonts. I don’t think that Unicode letters should be used as substitutes for symbols in logos.


Kinda funny that the change has been sneaked through by a “new” editor without any one else noticing or voting. It is clearly wrong and should be reverted. Even looks badly wrong as koppa is at a wrong angle compared with the lightning bolt.


If the name is to be changed to be with a lightning bolt, then a proper Unicode lightning bolt ( :zap:) should be used, and not a re-purposed koppa.


I don’t see why it was changed in the first place. They’ve always had the lightning bolt in their logo, but the band’s official website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel all have at least one usage of “AC/DC” with the slash. Their Twitter bio says “News and dirt on AC/DC”…etc.


Computers and symbols.
Man, I tell ya, someone used common sense designing computers. But real world applications, particularly for artists who want to have ‘unique’ names to stand out, screws everything up.

The / came about because there is no lightning bolt key on a keyboard
The - came about because a / means something different when coding

I’ve also seen them written with a colon (or was it a semi-colon), as well as simply ACDC and AcDc.

I am open to many scenarios online.
However, I strongly disagree with a greek letter that resembles a lightning bolt being used.

Their own website uses a dash in the address (ac-dc [dot] net).
Clicking the discography page takes you to /acdc_discography.php

One can see why they can’t use / in every scenario.

Hmm… it looks to me like it is the
Unicode “High Voltage” lightning bolt character, U+26A1? I went to edit-artist, and tried to add a koppa, and there was a distinct difference between the koppa and the character already in the name. And when I copied the lightning bolt glyph from the unicode page into the edit-artist page, it looked the same.

(I’m not arguing that it should stay the lightning bolt, just asking if it is)

let’s see what they look like in the forum-- koppa: ϟ(ϟ) lightning bolt : :zap:()


It has been changed to the correct symbol (at least) in the mean time: Edit #82498530 - MusicBrainz

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Why are we playing games with a well known band name? It is AC/DC and used like that on all websites and media and everywhere we have ever seen them talked about. Including their own website.

Otherwise I’ll go call them Acca Dacca.

Lets not get all confused by fashion please. We are supposed to be a respected website used as a reference by millions.


Sure, but there are clearly display settings where they do use the / even though they could use a unicode lightning bolt (or a koppa, or whatever) if they felt that was an essential part of the band name. Even if we use the Unicode lightning bolt, it’s only an approximation of a graphical element in their logo.

Is there anywhere official that uses any of these character variants when rendering the band name in text? I didn’t see any.


I don’t like trying to imitate logos using Unicode characters. It seems to me that the lighting bolt is just a fancy way of representing the slash inspired by the bolt in electrical shock warnings.

A quick look at some releases shows that while the logo is used on various parts of packaging, they only seem to use “AC/DC” in text.1, 2 Looking though scans of several releases, I couldn’t an example of a bolt in regular text or even a shrunk down logo in running text.

The band’s official sites use AC/DC:


Turns out she’s just unpopular, lol. There was a vote and it rode out the 7 days without a single vote for or against, lol.

That is what happened here. Kinda surprising that no AC/DC fans were subscribed. Or at least an AE who should have known that this is clearly wrong. I just find it very suspicious this is the ONLY edit from this “new” editor.

This needs fixing, and the vote link needs to be added to this thread to get proper eyes on it on a proper seven day vote. I don’t understand why the sabotage is still in place.


Wow. I just realized that I wasn’t subscribed to them. Which is surprising, sense I think I have their entire discography. I am now.


@tigerman325 has submitted revert edit .
Also see @chaban’s edit to artist credits