Abzer, a new submission tool



a few weekends ago I started writing a new command line tool for submitting data to AcousticBrainz called “abzer”, available on GitHub. It’s able to reuse the configuration file and log database of the already existing acousticbrainz-client (but as it says in the README, you can run it even without a configuration file). There’s not much to it, but it’s able to start multiple streaming_extractor_music processes at once without any additional hacks or calls to parallel or something like that. It’s also

  • a bit less forgiving (it doesn’t massage data from old streaming_extractor_music versions into the expected format and doesn’t complain about invalid data in MBID tags before trying to submit)
  • a bit stupid (there’s no whitelist for file extensions, so if you have cover art or other files that are not audio files next to your music, you’ll see error messages about those)
  • most likely not working on Windows
  • less colorful and doesn’t have smileys.

If you want to use it (or at least give it a try!), make sure you have

  • Python 3.5 (older versions will not work, if you’re on Debian stable or Fedora < 24, don’t even try)
  • the streaming_extractor_music binary from essentia
  • (hopefully good) music

then follow the installation instructions. After that, you should be able to run it by calling the abzer script, passing the file or folder names to analyze as command line arguments. Feedback, bug reports, etc. are welcome.


Hi Mineo,

I read your post a long time ago and finally tested your tool today, it worked great (pip-installed on debian sid with python 3.5)

FYI the script parsed around 2000 flac files in less than 4 hours on 4 CPUs

Thanks a lot for this program!