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Hi all :raised_hand:

I have and use many usernames (according to the context of the site). On MusicBrainz I go by AzoreanGigolo my profile here which I’m pretty sure I can’t change (or can I?).
In retrospect, it was a lame choice for a handle (I was using this one @ webcam-girl sites at the time :ok_woman: and while being asked for a username I glanced over and on TV there was Richard Gere playing a gigolo — hey, that would be pretty cool, I thought).
My recent username on most sites, as on MetaBrainz Blog and BookBrainz for example, is now AzoresOne (a play on “AirForce1”, sorta sounds like it doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:). I’d rather prefer and wanted to use this (latest) one, sorta too late now I guess, but I opted to go with the my MB user profile name, so people can know who… [everything jesus2029 said] <- how does one tag somebody à la Facebook?
This is mainly a introductory note — sayin’ hi to all. Hope this issue gets streamlined. Rock on!
*Ahh, finally managed to get my gravatar working. Thing is it had to be 128 px square or less! One can hardly make out it’s the Vitruvian Man

Send a private message (PM)

You can, by asking nicely.


Prepend their nick/username with an @: @AzoreanGigolo


If you feel the need to change the subject being discussed, it’s probably better to just make a new topic for it. Feel free to quote/link the “old” one. :wink:


Thank you both for the replies (links and tips):

@Freso it’s precisely à la Facebook :thumbsup: <- Fbook like emoticon

@August_Janse I’ll try to ask nicely… I remember we use to say as as kids: pretty please with sugar on top :candy:


[quote=“AzoreanGigolo, post:4, topic:189”]
I remember we use to say as as kids: pretty please with sugar on top
[/quote]Kids shouldn’t get sugar these days, maybe try “pretty please with estevia on top” :wink: