About Spam Brainz

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Hi everybody, im a first year student studying computer science in Manchester and I would really like to join the community of metabrainz and contribute to the open source project. In particular, I am really interested in the machine learning spam filter, spambrainz. WIth that being said, im not sure if I have enough programming experiences with machine learning to understand or to implement the Spam Brainz. Is it possible for me to get some insight regarding the structure of spam brainz and spam ninja. Thank you very much!



The blog post about previous GSoC is the best available source of information about that project.

About machine learning, you should be able to Lodbrok model which network layout looks like:

Spam ninja is just a fancy name for human moderator that will take decisions based on ML scores.

Wanted online learning is actually making this human feedback to improve future ML scores.

You’re welcome!