A way to batch import data?

I’m no coder. Is there a way to mass import data from, say, a spreadsheet file using the MusicBrainz API?

There is no api to import data in to musicbrainz.
There are ways of pre-populating the editor with data.
The easiest way of doing this is to use the “add cluster as release” plugin for picard.
Add the files to picard.
Click the cluster button.
right click the cluster and select plugins > add release as cluster.
This will then open up a browser window with many of the fields populated with tags from your files.
Use this as a starting point for your release.

I would also recommend using a text editor such as notepad ++ as there are some tricks that make editing text much easier.


If you can read code to some degree, you can look at what the plugin @dns_server talks about does here:

Basically, it takes some data input and places it into an HTML form, which you can then submit to prepopulate the Add Release page/form. I copied a lot of the “addrelease” code for my Spotify2MusicBrainz script (for which you can also look at the code).

This same approach could be used for any organised data, like data in a spreadsheet. Just be aware that we generally frown upon fully automated imports. See e.g.:


If you actually have the files then my own Jaikoz Music Tagger application has a task called Action/Remote Correct/Submit New Release that you can use in a similar way to the script above to pre populate a html form based on the metadata in the files, then it is simply a case of double checking the data and submitting the data.

It only works one album at a time, but since each album add should be checked its not really safe to submit more than one album at a time. MusicBrainz doesnt cope well with multiple add release sessions anyway, if under stress it can sometimes result in the release being added without any tracks

Is the source code for that “task” publicly available? If you read the OP, you will see that they don’t have the data in files and the link to the Picard plugin (and spotify2musicbrainz) is for the purpose of enabling them to adapt its code to read from their data source, rather than using it directly on files.

@silentbird says has a spreadsheet, I assumed he had constructed the spreadsheet from metadata in his files, its not clear whether or not he has the files, so I provided an alternative to the Picard suggested added by @dns_server

No the code for constructing the html post is not publicably available, its is part of Jaikoz application. But the HttpPost seeding parameters is documented as Im sure you know.

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