A temporary tag for internal use in a script only?

Quick question,

I seem to remember that there is a scripting function that enables you to create a temporary tag in your script that will only be used internally for that script, and that won’t actually write a tag.

You can of course use $set(temp_name,value) in the beginning of the script, and then $unset(temp_name) at the end, but wasn’t there a specific function for this?

Ah, never mind, I just remembered. An underscore before the name will do that.

Prefix the tag name with an underscore, e.g.

$set(_mytemptag,some value)
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Thanks outsidecontext.
But my brain-freeze luckily only lasted shortly.

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I should probably start reading the latest message before replying instead of relying on the original text I got emailed :slight_smile:

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