A question about ohms and headphones... recommendations?

so, I figured here is as good a place to ask as any… I’m looking into some new headphones both for listening to music and producing music. I’ve pretty much settled on either the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro or DT 770 Pro (likely the former over the latter).

my main question is about Ohms. they both come in 80 and 250 ohms, and I’m trying to figure which one to get. I’ll be using it with a desktop PC as well as possibly a home theater/home audio setup I have yet to get.

if y’all have any recommendations or advice, lemme know~


from Mr Dankpods himself

“The more Ohms, the harder they are to power”

So in short, the 80 ones will probably run off any normal integrated DAC circuit, whereas the 250 ones probably require some kind of external amp

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so, I couldn’t get the 250Ω ones to work right with my PC without a headphone amp? also, would a home audio/home theater amp be able to run the 250’s, provided I know what to look for?

also, great video~

You’d probably need to check the specs of your home amplifier, namely what the impedance is of the headphone jack - but in my experience the answer is usually yes.

It’s not that they wouldn’t work, they’d just be really really quiet.


80 ohms is easier to drive, 250 ohms needs a more powerful headphone amp output.
In practice, if you don’t have a dedicated headphone amp, it would be safer to go for the 80 ohms version.