A problem with Spotify listens

So about 7-6 hours ago my spotify listens stopped updating on listenbrainz (while still appearing on last.fm just fine, so potentially my connection was fine). Then, a couple of hours after, a couple of random listens appeared, but nothing more (and I never stopped listening to music for all of those hours).
As was suggested in one of the topics here, I’ve checked my e-mail (and found nothing), then reconnected spotify (both disconnecting it on listenbrainz and on spotify connected apps), but nothing worked. Sometimes “listening now” appear as usual, but then disappear never to be added to recent listens. I’ve even tried and listened to some music on my AIMP player (and the listens are registered just fine).
Is there a problem on my end? What else can I do?

Some of the more recent listens started to appear, but not the ones prior to 2 hours ago. I’ll wait some more, but guess they are gone now? :thinking:

Hi, Sometimes i have the same problem. So when i start to notice that the scrobbles take too long to appears i disconnect and reconnect the spotify service.

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