A place to add Bandcamp album descriptions?

So as of late I’m noticing a lot of album have little sub-descriptions of the album by the artist, such as https://experimentalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/--22, or ROOM SERVICE | The Dura Hotel, the first being “睡眠の音は、周囲の夢を誘発するサウンドトラックです。最高の使いやすさのためにヘッドフォンで聴く。” and the second being “You have arrived at the Dura Hotel after a long and arduous journey through the Swiss alps. Welcome. After a moment of infinite rest in the lounge area, you boldly approach the front desk where the night clerk has fallen asleep…”
Is there any place this information can be added on Musicbrainz?


  1. I believe we’re not really meant to add that kind of text, as it could be (c)?
    If you’re worried about takedown notices (I’ve never heard of that done for promotional text for an album, but who knows) you could paraphrase it I suppose.
  2. I put that stuff in the release annotation.

See I did that once and I think I was told that’s not the right spot for it. Or maybe it was and I just did something else?

Hmm, if you can link to the edit/comment that would be helpful.

In any case, annotations are where all ‘free-text’ goes, nowhere else for it!

Personally I would not copy such text into the annotation, just like we also don’t type in physical booklet flavor text.

Another potential issue is licensing, since annotations are released under a Creative Commons license that has much stronger restrictions than the rest of the database (which is placed into the public domain and usable without any restrictions effectively) and flavor text is not simple factual information like most of the other metadata.

If you want to preserve such descriptions and other related pages, I would recommend you submit the album page to the Internet Archive.


Not a bad idea. I’ve been posting such info on Last.fm in the meantime.