A night on a bald mountain: Which orchestration?

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Due to merges, this recording of “A night on a bald mountain” is linked to two works, once the orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov and once the orchestration by Stokowski. Obviously, at most one of them can be correct. Any idea how to find out? The cover art of the releases didn’t help.

(I have the recording, so a hint on how to distinguish them from listening would be an option.)


Now I found the following: On Wikipedia it is written that Stokowski’s orchestration was produced for the Disney film Fantasia. As one of the releases with this recording has the title “Salute to Disney”, I guess it might be the Stokowski orchestration. But this evidence is still somewhat thin.


I found what is probably the same recording on the info for a Fiedler comp on DG - if it is, it’s R-K.


Thanks! Yes, I think it is the same recording. Same performers, and “Erste Veröffentlichung 1976” translates into phonographic copyright 1976, which is a perfect match.