A couple of questions related to merges

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  1. When entities are merged, are their tags also merged?

  2. How does merging affect acouticbrainz data?
    2a) What to do if you think two recordings are the same, but acouticbrainz has different keys? (I had an example but I can’t find it right now… will add later if I do)

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The test server is very useful for answering questions like this, because you can just submit an arbitrary merge and instantly apply it to see what happens.

Anyway I just tried it on two recordings and the tags from the source were indeed moved to the target.


Found that acousticbrainz example:

I have the compilation track, and a comparison by ear with this sounds the same to me.

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AcousticBrainz computation of keys and key strength was recently discussed when we added keys to the recording sidebar: https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-server/pull/1578

If you look at Figure 11 in the scientific paper linked there you will see the usual mistakes made by the algorithm, i.e. a half-step up or down, a fifth up or down and minor/major relatives. I haven’t read the paper, so I can’t tell you more.

So if you fall in these cases I would imagine it’s not a reason not to merge


Thanks. This one may just be challenging, lol. I threw it into some other “key analysis” software out of curiosity, and I think one came up with Gm and one came up with D (don’t remember if that was major or minor). Also, I was looking at the acousticbrainz data and unless I’m misunderstanding what it means, it says the vocals are female, which… I think there might be a woman’s scream at one point?

So it looks like merging recordings on MusicBrainz only keeps the acousticbrainz info from the target recording. https://acousticbrainz.org/85345aa0-c5ca-491d-a92b-54cf27382c70?n=0

Is that desired? Is there any way to get the other info linked again?