2.6.1 shuts down when clicking confirming buttons in options?

totally new to MusicBrainz picard. working on Linux , ubuntu studio 20.04 LTS
My version 2.6.1, keeps shutting down / crash whenever i push confirmation buttons in the options window and in the basic window
I can select plug ins but when clicking “installing plug ins” the program shut itself down.
When adding a folder or directory to look in , the same happens. other buttons have the same effect.
It makes the software unworkable.

when loading a cd thru my external dvd player i get all the informations but can’t seem to import/rip the cd into the computer.

software was downloaded via snapchat.

thanks for any advice on this

Thanks for reporting. To get some clue what is happening please start Picard from the terminal with the --debug parameter:

picard --debug

Make it crash and post the complete terminal output here.

Just commenting on this separately: Picard is not a CD ripper, it has no built-in capabilities to rip audio CDs. You’ll need to use a separate tool for that. If you have ripped the CD you can use Picard to rename and tag the files.


I can reproduce at least the crash when opening the file chooser on my KDE Neon install, which is based on 20.04.

The actual error is:

(python3:2104): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 08:33:39.915: Settings schema 'org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser' does not contain a key named 'show-type-column'

I can’t reproduce this on Ubuntu 20.10 or 21.04, nor can I reproduce a crash when saving options.

But I could track down the issue and pushed a fix for the Snap builds to properly include the org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser schema inside the snap itself. Can you try updating the snap with

snap refresh picard

and tell me if this works? It should at least fix the issue with crashes when opening a file picker.

I am not sure about the crash you experience when saving the options. If this still happens, please provide debug output as described above by running:

snap run picard --debug

from a terminal.



thanks for your help!
I did a new install via the apt version in terminal , and that one works very good . no bugs? there.
it seems a can’t install the two versions next to each other to check if the snap fix works. I have de-installed the apt version and reinstalled via snap , and that one works also fine now. without the snapfix.

i also did update ubuntu before install maybe that helped to :slight_smile:

many thanks for your help , the program looks very promissing