1.4.1+ Nearly Unusable

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Both 1.4.1 and .1.4.2 are constantly freezing or lagging; it is unbearable. i have tried removing/deleting plugins, reverting to default settings, etc. i would submit log files but i can’t seem to find them and i can’t copy and paste the debugger because it freezes.

i have looked for log files in AppData/Roaming, AppData/Local, ProgramData, and Program Files.

The freezing is very inconsistent, making it difficult to pinpoint exact causes. they range from simply adding tracks or loading “other versions” of albums to refreshing.

Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K
RAM: 16.0GB


Last night we were doing a schema change release which meant that all MetaBrainz sites were down. Maybe Picard were having issues with musicbrainz.org and picard.musicbrainz.org and coverartarchive.org et al were down? Does it still behave this way now?

Are your files on network shares? Picard is known to not do well when dealing with files on network storage in some cases.

Maybe try moving your Picard configuration out of the way and thus starting with a fresh configuration? Maybe some script or setting is messing up?


I’ve only been using Picard for about a week and had no issues really until a few days ago. Now, I am experiencing the same as above, the program freezes constantly. I’ve tried to wait it out overnight but it’s still froze up in the morning. Error log: I: 22:53:38 Plugin directory ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBrainz Picard\plugins’ doesn’t exist I tried to uninstall plugins but when I re-open options, they are still installed. And yes, it definitely happens more often when working with a lot of files and when tagging albums from the browser.


What i did was i uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller and made sure every folder and file was deleted. i reinstalled and didn’t touch any settings except for my MusicBrainz login credentials.

So far it seems to work well.

I think it has something to do with a plugin or possibly album art retrieval (the latter had been a problem for me int he past)


I was having similar problems - I did a search within the program folder and deleted all the instances of init.py. There were a ton in the plugins folder.

No problems since